Bringing the kids

So your bringing the children for a photoshoot….I bet your thinking how this is going to go aren’t you?

Do you have those days out where in your dreams its a perfect loving friendly day out when in reality you want to curl up somewhere, hide and grab the first glass of Gin you see?

Yep I’m with you, so here are some tips and reassurance from one mummy to another… Breathe…I’ve got everything in hand

  • Please bring clothes and accessories as needed but don’t panic if your child doesn’t want to change 10 times, we will still get some fantastic shots.

  • You can get your children dressed here to save you worrying whether they are going to dribble, sick or find the most stubborn mark to get right on the front of their top hehe we know they do this on purpose

  • bring ‘clean’ snacks and a drink. You know what I’m talking about

  • wetwipes is a must and a hair brush

And that’s pretty much it

Children are unpredictable, so its my job to be ready for anything!! A lot of times parents get frustrated because a session might not seem perfect, but the wonderful thing is that those small moments in between all the tantrums & chaos are beautiful. People often ask me how I even manage to get one great photo their ‘wild child’ The answer is simple… I shoot like crazy and basically I act like a wolly and i just capture it all.

So don’t panic, sit back and let me capture your little one… don’t worry i will ask for help if i need it

And if all else fails and they are tired or jut plain and simple having a grumpy day, we will just do it another day, at no extra charge