Wedding Packages


I love capturing the most precious moments for couples. Its the one biggest days of your life, and documenting your day through my lens is what i LOVE to do.

I shoot All different cultural weddings. I love learning about different backgrounds, and also documenting all the details, be it the dress details, the rings, the smile, the first glance, once you see the sequence of photo’s documented, it will surely put a smile on your face and a tear in your eye.

When I’m asked to photograph weddings I recommend a pre wedding shoot. This gives me a chance to meet you together and learn about you. And so when it comes to the wedding day you sure will feel at ease and relaxed. This also allows you to discuss other detailed information about the day. Its not only important for me to get to know you, it is also just as important for you to get to know me, after all I will probably be the one person you will see the most on the day.

I remember having my wedding photos handed to me, and as a female photographer , its a dream come true, having the perfect dress, the partner of your life, and for many its a fairytale that has come to life. I want to create those memories for you. Each photo you look at will bring a sparkle to your eye. You really cannot put a price on memories and i do exactly that, create timeless memories.

Wedding Packages start from £650. Please get in touch to discuss your special day and a more detailed quote

I can’t wait to hear from you

Vickie x