What to bring

Before the photo shoot there are some things you need to consider. Please read the following to make your session more successful:

  • If you are bottle feeding, bring plenty of feeds as babies tend to feed a bit more than usual in the sessions.

  • Props - If you would like to bring something a bit different to your session that represents a hobby, family heirloom or even a favorite teddy please let me know and I will see if i can incorporate this . If not don’t worry as i have plenty of props to choose from

  • Clothing is NOT needed for your baby as we want to see them as they are, squishy little bums and gorgeous little roles

  • Snacks… your here a while (up to 3 hours)

  • If you are bringing siblings please let me know in advance but i advise to bring things to keep them entertained while we are settling and posing baby

  • The studio will get warm to keep baby settled so please wear lose fitting clothes or layers so your not too hot

  • No camera, phone cameras or videos are allowed to be used at your session apart from mine

  • Plenty of nappies and wipes

  • Dummy, even if you are not using one sometimes they are good for settling and baby won’t get used to one as its only used for a few minutes at a time

What to wear


  • Please bring black top and black trousers or a skirt for some of my darker backgrounds. White/cream tops and lighter coloured bottoms look great on my cream backdrops. Strapless tops look nice for mum and baby shots too, giving that skin to skin look.

  • Do not wear clothes with Logo’s, images or loud patterns on them. These will date very quickly and will not give that timeless look

  • No football t-shirts unless you are all wearing them and its a theme to the photo

  • Hands maybe in photos with your baby so please make sure your nails are nice and fresh looking

  • Siblings - Please bring something that’s more plain and neutral so baby stands out