What To Expect

What to bring to your photography session…

Please bring clothes and accessories as needed. You can arrive and get your children dressed at the session if you’re worried about them getting messy on the way.
Please also bring chap-stick for children (very hard to photoshop chapped lips)
To be extra prepared, bring snacks & a favourite toy to comfort them if they are are feeling overwhelmed at the session.

During the session…

Children are unpredictable, so, it’s my job to be ready for anything!
A lot of times parents get frustrated because sessions don’t seem perfect, but the wonderful thing is that those small moments in between all the tantrums & chaos are beautiful.
People often ask me how I even manage to get one great photo of their wild child! The answer is simple.. I shoot like crazy and its my job to capture it all!

One thing I ask is to be able to photograph your child or children away from the parents so that they will focus on me and my lame jokes.. It usually works! They don’t know me & usually children are on their best behaviour for others! This is very important in making your sessions run smoothly.